Trade mark "Abrin"

The Abrin trade mark is used to manufacture modern materials - lacquer, mastic, enamel and prime coating.

Table of materials name change.

Previous name

New name


Mastic “Krovlelit-ЧМ” TC 2311-002-42490573-97

Mastic “Abrin” TC 5775-002-34540624-2015

The mastic “Abrin” is a modern high-tech analog of the mastic “Krovlelit ЧМ”.

Enamel ХП-799 МЧ TC 2313-003-42490573-97

Enamel “Abrin C” TC 2313-004-34540624-2015

The enamel “Abrin C” is a modern high-tech analog of the enamel ХП-799 МЧ

Prime coating ХП-0231 МЧ TC 2313-004-42490573-2004

Prime coating “Abrin C” TC 2313-003-34540624-2015

The coating “Abrin C” is a modern high-tech analog of the enamel ХП-0231 МЧ


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