Enamel "Abrin"
(based on chlorosulphonated polyethylene)


Product description

The Abrin enamel (TC 2313-004-34540624-2015) is a modern high-tech analog of the enamel ХП-799 МЧ (TC 2313-003-42490573-97) with improved quality indicators. The product is adapted to modern production conditions and applied onto a surface being coloured.

Enamel forms the coatings with a high water, chemical and thermal resistance without cracks. The thermal mode of coating operation is from -60°С to +130°С (higher than 100°С - for a short period).

The enamel “Abrin Е” is supplied as ready to use and represents a pigment and filler suspension in the lacquer on the basis of chlorosulphonated polyethylene and synthetic rubbers in organic solvents with the addition of target additives.

The enamel “Abrin C” and “Abrin M” is supplied as a two-component system and represents pigment and filler suspension in lacquer on the basis of chlorosulphonated polyethylene and synthetic rubbers in organic solvents with the addition of target additives and introduction of a hardener directly before application.

The Abrin enamel has the following fire hazard indices: flammability classification – Г1, inflammability classification- В1, smoke generation ability classification - Д2, toxicity of combustion products - Т2, flame propagation - РП1. 

Application area

  • for waterproofing at the objects contacting with technical water; to be used as primers, intermediate and covering layers at comprehensive chemically resistant coating of production equipment and hydrotechnical units, water purifiers, etc.

  • for applying sealing and decorative layers in the rooms with increased humidity.

  • in combination with other special materials enamel is applied for waterproofing of reinforced-concrete structures, reservoirs, basins, galvanic tubs, at the arrangement of motorway bridges, overhead passings, underground passages and tunnels.

  • a universal waterproofing and sealing material for roofing and chemical protection works. at rubberizing enamel is applied in combination with the Abrin mastic.

  • for a long-term protection from the corrosion of metal surfaces operated outside and inside of all types of buildings and erections, external surface of steel pipes and reservoirs, road fences, bridge metal structures, railroad bridges, electricity pylons.


Key technical indicators

Indicator name


Test method

Abrin C

Abrin M

Abrin E

ХП-799 МЧ

Enamel coating colour

  • white
  • yellow
  • green
  • red
  • blue

Should be within permitted deviations set by control colour samples. The shade is not standardized.


according to 5.3 of the present technical conditions

External appearance of coating

After drying enamel should form matte, homogeneous surface without craters, pores and wrinkles. Insignificant shagreen is permitted.

according to 5.3 of the present technical conditions

Relative viscosity at the temperature (20.0±0.5)°C by the viscous meter ВЗ-246 with a nozzle diameter 4 mm, sec, not less than


under GOST 8420

Degree of grinding, um, not more


under GOST 31973

Weight fraction of non-volatile substances, %



, not less than


, not less than


under GOST 31939 and 5.4 of the present technical conditions

Drying time up to the degree 3 at the temperature (20±2)°C, h, not more than



under GOST 19007 and 5.5 of the present technical conditions

Covering capacity of the dried film, g/m², not more


under GOST 8784

Coating adhesion, points, not more


under GOST 15140 section 2

Film flexural resilience, mm, not more


under GOST 6806

Enamel resiliency after component mixing at the temperature (20±2)°С, not less than





under GOST 27271 and 5.6 of the present technical conditions

Coating durability towards static action of chemically aggressive media at the temperature (20±2)°С, h, not less than


under GOST 9.403 method A and 5.7 of the present technical conditions


User manual

  • Clean, remove dust and fat from the surface.

  • Mix thoroughly (for types “C” and “M” add a hardener during mixing).

  • Apply enamel mechanically, with the help of a brush or roller. It is possible to apply airless spraying.

  • Intermediate drying between layers - at least 1 hour, time of complete enamel polimerization – 21 days.

Air temperature at the application should be at least -15°С, relative humidity should be not more than 85%.

It is necessary to use personal protection equipment - gloves, glasses and respirator.

Storage conditions

The enamel “Abrin Е”, a semi-product of enamels “Abrin C” and “Abrin M” and a hardener should be stored in a leak-tight tare inside a closed room or under roof far from heating units, protected from atmospheric moisture and direct sunlight. Enamel and its components transportation and storage should be conducted at the temperature from -40°С to +40°С.

Transportation and storage of the enamel “Abrin Е”, a semi-product of the enamel “Abrin C”, “Abrin M” and a hardener are conducted under GOST 9980.5.

Safety precautions

All the works relating to enamel component mixing and directly to enamel should be produced in the rooms equipped with a forced ventilation (local and general suction-and-exhaust ventilation) or in the open air.

The presence of open flame sources and spark formation in close proximity to the place of painting works and works on enamel mix conduct is not allowed.

At the work with enamel and its components, one should use special clothes and shoes, PPE for arms - rubber gloves, respiratory organs - respirator RPG - 67A or the respirator ShB-1 “Lepestok-40”, for eyes protection it is necessary to apply protective glasses.


Warranted shelf life since the date of manufacture:

Abrin E - 6 months and more;
a semi-product of the enamel “Abrin M” and “Abrin C” – 6 moths and more;
a hardener – at least 3 years in compliance with the manufacturer’s regulatory documents. 



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