Roof mastic “Abrin”
(polymer&bitumen mastic on the basis of chlorosulphonated polyethylene)

Product description

Roof mastic “Abrin”


The polymer&bitumen mastic “Abrin” (TC 5775-002-34540624-2015) is a modern high-tech analog of the mastic “Krovlelit-ЧМ” (TC 2311-002-42490573-97)” with improved quality indicators. The product is adapted to modern production conditions and is applied onto a surface.

The mastic “Abrin” is a two-component homogeneous liquid mass obtained by means of mixing polymer and bitumen compositions in a set ratio.

The polymer mastic composition represents a suspension of fillers of modifying additives, stabilizers and synthetic rubbers in the chlorosulphonated polyethylene lacquer.

The bitumen composition represents a solution of bitumen in the mix of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons with the addition of fillers, a vulcanizing agent (hardener) and fire retardants.

The Abrin mastic has the following fire hazard indices: flammability classification – Г1, inflammability classification- В1, smoke generation ability classification - Д2, toxicity of combustion products - Т2, flame propagation - РП1.


Application area

The mastic is intended for making up rolled roofs as an entire polymer armoured membrane. It is also applied for repairing roofs made of traditional roll bituminous and polymer materials, waterproofing and protection from corrosion of construction structures at newly built and operated erections. Polymer&bitumen coatings for roofs and waterproofing from the mastic “Abrin” are biologically resistant, have increased weather reasistance, chemical resistance and relate to the group of low-combustible materials which do not propagate the flame over surfaces. The service life of waterproofing and roof coatings from the mastic “Abrin” is 10-30 years depending on the application and medium aggressive factors.

The coating made from the mastic “Abrin” preserves elasticity and protective properties in the range of temperatures from -60°С to +130°С (at the temperature higher than +100°С – for a short period of life), and in compliance with GOST 9.049, relates to the material resistant to the action of moulds, i.e., it is bioresistant. 

Key technical indicators

Indicator name

mastic “Abrin”


Test method

Relative viscosity at the temperature (20.0±0.5) by the viscous meter ВЗ-246, sec, not more



under GOST 8420

Degree of grinding, um, not more



under GOST 31973

Weight fraction of non-volatile substances, %



under GOST 31939 and TC 5775-002-34540624-2015

Drying time up to the degree 3 at the natural dry (20±2)°C, h, not more than



under GOST 19007 and TC 5775-002-34540624-2015

Film flexural resilience, mm, not more



under GOST 6806

Strength of adhesion with the support (concrete), MPa



under GOST 26589 and TC 5775-002-34540624-2015

Service life (resiliency) after component mixing at the temperature (20±2)°С, not less than, hours



under GOST 27271 and TC 5775-002-34540624-2015

Coating adhesion, points, not more



under GOST 15140

Coating durability towards static action of chemically aggressive media at the temperature (20±2)°С, h, not less than



under GOST 9.403, method A and TC 5775-002-34540624-2015

Heat resistance at the temperature 100°С

absence of blisterings and drips

absence of blisterings and drips

under GOST 26589 and TC 5775-002-34540624-2015

Frost resistance at the temperature minus 42°С, cycles, not less than



TC 5775-002-34540624-2015


User manual

  • The support for the coatings made of the mastic “Abrin” can be made from: concrete, wood, ceramics, metal, ruberoid, etc. The support should be thoroughly cleaned from dust, mud, all the existing defects should be eliminated: bubbles, cracks, etc.

  • Before applying polymer and bitumen compositions should be mixed in a ratio 4:1 on the mass to a homogeneous state, and then mastic is applied on the surface in several layers by any traditional method: with a brush, roller, airless spraying.

  • Intermediate drying between layers - 1 hour, time of complete coating polimerization – 21 days.

  • After 24 hours of the application of all mastic layers one can apply enamel.

Air temperature at the application should be at least -30°С, relative humidity should be not more than 85%.

It is necessary to use personal protection equipment - gloves, glasses and respirator.


By accordance with the customer, it is possible to produce mastic without bitumens: white, gray, green, red, yellow. A vulcanizing agent (hardener) is supplied as a separate component, flame-retardant additives are introduced as agreed.

For a number of aggressive media the mastic “Abrin” is supplied with special additives and original formulation (composition for rubberizing).

Storage conditions

The components of mastic “Abrin” should be stored in a leak-tight tare inside a closed room or under roof far from heating units, protected from atmospheric moisture and direct sunlight.

Mastic transportation and storage should be conducted at the temperature from -40°С to +40°С. Keep away from fire.

Safety precautions

All the works with mastic components and the mastic itself should be manufactured in the open air or inside ventilated rooms at the air motion from 0.5 to 5 m/sec according to the principle “following wind” operating with a mandatory condition that evaporative solvent does not form explosion-hazard areas.

During work conduct it is strictly prohibited to smoke, use open flame and apply a tool which can generate sparks.

At the work with the mastic and its components, one should use special clothes and shoes, PPE for arms - rubber gloves, respiratory organs - respirator RPG - 67A or the respirator ShB-1 “Lepestok-40”, for eyes protection it is necessary to apply protective glasses.

In case of mastic components contact with skin, wash them with soapy water.


The warranty period of mastic components storage - 6 months since the date of manufacture.


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