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Description of Abrin material application

The face protects a building from moisture penetration, thermal action, mud and other various factors. Worn-out and cracked face cannot properly protect a building from external environment factors. That is why to recover protective properties and prevent early wear of walls, it is necessary to conduct face works.

The application of lacquer&paint materials on the basis of chlorosulphonated polyethylene for colouring the faces provides their operation durability (up to 20 years) while the application of special compositions with the effect of self-renewal results in the high efficiency because of a special formulation.

The following surfaces are subject to colouring: concrete and plastered surfaces (except for fragile plaster made of lime&clay mortar), metal, wooden and asbestos-cement sheet surfaces.

Applying crack resistant lacquer&paint materials on the basis of chlorosulphonated polyethylene on metal (profiled sheeting, corrugation) and asbestos shingle walls is the most cost-efficient. In this case not only the wall material is protected but also the metal parts of fixture, joints and junction sites.

Wooden faces are subject to preliminary chlorosulphonated polyethylene lacquer coating with special fungicidal and flame-retardant additives which provides for their higher durability and fire safety. At the construction of new wooden faces it is recommended to coat the parts along a whole surface until their application.

Lacquer&paint materials of the trade mark “Abrin”:

resistant towards external action - precipitation, moisture, wind and mechanical defects;

resistant towards temperature drops, at serious temperature changes all operation characteristics are preserved;

resistant to UV-emission. 

Description of Abrin material application

Before conducting pain works, one should prepare the face for colouring:

  • check the mechanical strength of the face support. If the face fragments strip off or fall - it is required to conduct a special face finish before colouring;
  • cover the face with prime coating thus providing a high-quality enamel adhesion with the support.

To apply enamel, one can use a special equipment for face colouring.


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