Fire protection



Description of Abrin material application

Metal structures are non-combustible materials but, similar to all construction materials, cannot be subject to high temperatures for a long time in case of fire occurrence. The critical temperature under which steel structures lose their mechanical strength at normal load is 500°С.

To avoid such situations, various types of fire protection are used. Preventive measures are the most popular today. Protection is intended for the prevention of rapid destruction of buildings and metal structures during fires. The most convenient and widely use protection method is the application of intumescent fire protection materials on the bearing metal structures of the protected objects. Fire protective lacquer coatings (with chlorosulphonated polyethylene lacquers) significantly increase in their volume and are converted into a porous heat insulating layer. It protects metal structures from overheating. Metal fire resistance limit thus increases several times.

Depending on the structure configuration, atmospheric conditions of operation, one should select a necessary time range of fire resistance in the range of 15 - 240 minutes.

Chlorosulphonated polyethylene lacquer provides high chemical resistance and sustainability towards aggressive actions due to a saturated chain and high content of chloride. The fire-proof composition on the basis of such lacquer is characterized by high heat resistance, wear resistance and non-flammability, demonstrates the resistance towards ozone, UV and weather factors action. At the increase of chloride content (35-45%) in the composition, the properties of oil resistance, petrol resistance and fire resistance improve as well. This resulted in the increased manufacture of fire protection materials on the basis of chlorosulphonated polyethylene lacquer with the chloride content (35-45%) (developed by DuPont).

Description of Abrin material application

The first stage of metal fire protection treatment is the protected surface preparation. The structure surface should be cleaned from dust, mud and fat. Even metal and steel structures which were not under operation have nor rust traces should be prepared. Mechanical cleaning can be conducted manually or mechanically with the help of abrasive tools or a sand blasting unit. At chemical cleaning various rust solvents.

The next stage is coating of the protected surface. This stage allows us protecting the metal structure surface from corrosion and improve adhesion with fire protection composition.

Fire protection composition is applied manually (with a roller or brush) or with the help of high pressure units. Fire protection composition is applied in various layers (depending on the required limit of the surface fire resistance). The subsequent material layer is applied after the previous layer has dried. The maximum strength of the coating is reached after 2 days.


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