Repair of metal roof
(roofing works)

Description of Abrin material application

The coating on the basis of the Abrin materials is efficient at the temperature from -60°С to +130°С (at the temperature higher than +100°С – for a short period of time), endures the action of virtually all aggressive chemical substances (рН=1-12). The coatings are used for making up the roofs of chemical, metallurgical, industrial enterprises, nuclear power stations, in production conditions where aggressive vapors, gases, acids and alkalies are formed. The coatings are characterized by a practically high resistance towards atmospheric factors (solar radiation, ozone and low temperatures action). Using the coatings from the Abrin materials allows completely resolving the problem of waterproofing in the contact areas as such coatings form an integral seamless cover which is adhesively bonded with the support.

The period of life of the coatings is up to 30 years depending on the application.

Lacquer&paint materials of the trade mark “Abrin”:

resistant towards external action - precipitation, moisture, wind and mechanical defects;

resistant towards temperature drops, at serious temperature changes all operation characteristics are preserved; 

resistant to UV-emission.

Description of Abrin material application

Before applying polymer coatings on the chlorosulphonated polyethylene basis, a metal surface should be cleaned from rust, scaling, paints, grease and dirt. Oiled, dirty metal surfaces should be cleaned from grease. After drying the surface is cleaned by means of sand blasting, if necessary. Surface preparation after sand blasting includes secondary degreasing combined with the surface treatment by corrosion inhibitor. Polymer coating consists of the primer chlorosulphonated polyethylene, the lacquer ХП-734, prime coating “Abrin”, enamel “Abrin”. Along the prime coating layer glass fabric is applied. Coating reinforcing (armouring) is conducted on the roof damaged surfaces including joints, contact areas and interface to various construction structures.





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