Structure and repair of rolled roof
(roofing works)

Roof - an upper component of building coating subject to atmospheric actions. Its main function is to protect inside premises from atmospheric precipitation and action. The key requirements to roof are its light weight, long service live, cost-effectiveness in terms of its manufacture and operation.

Roof consists from a bearing layer (roof sheathing, solid floor, binder), which is fixed on the roof bearing structure (truss), insulation layers (waterproofing, heat insulation, vapor sealing) and the coating protecting insulation from environmental factors. Roof can be protected from cold. From the inside of the roof structure vapor sealing can be made to prevent warm air from flowing into a heat insulator which can result in the formation of dewpoint in such insulator.

To make water efficiently flowing down from the roof at flat-deck roofs, the latter should have a slight slope.

As roof is directly subject to the action of various environmental factors, it should be waterproof, moisture-tight, resistant towards aggressive chemical substances, solar radiation and harsh temperature drops, should not be subject to warping, cracking and should not destroy after heating up from the sun.

Polymer&bitumen mastic is applied for making u seamless waterproof coating at the design and repair of roof, foundation waterproofing and vapor sealing, treatment of spans between floors as well as protective material for rolled roof to protect it from various environmental factors (snow, rain). Polymer&bitumen mastics has a high level of adhesion to various types of supports as well as the highest possible resistance towards UV emission.

What should be taken into account at the selection of roofing works.

  • Reliability. To avoid the cooperation with an empty shell company, check the availability of licenses, certificates, the engineering&design department and a full-time installation crew, a possibility of non-cash payment and official agreement conclusion with no difference between the names of organizations in writing and on the website.

  • Competence. Company representatives - gagers, installers, managers - should “know their subject”: recommend the works and materials in terms of their cost-effectiveness and practicability, explain key differences between them and gve a rationale for any selection.

  • Expertise. Obtain a plausible information on the contractor by addressing the previous customers - apply to them to get answers to the questions, check the gallery or a portfolio of the conducted works (photos and videos from the facilities).

  • Convenience. The absence of constant partners - suppliers of roof materials, organizations providing for construction equipment or providing corresponding services — allows saving time by cooperating with a single company.

  • Responsibility. Providing a long-term warranty for roof materials and works demonstrates not only the readiness of the contractor to handle the aftermatch of accidental installation faults but also means the contractor is sure the services are high-quality ones.

  • Selecting roofers and installation cost. “The cheaper the better” is not a right guiding principle for such a task. Attraction by low prices only and low-quality installation generally result in full or partial roof replacement and double higher costs. If you want to save your time and money, find a professional executor, who make high-quality roofs, can confirm its competence and can-do attitude and is trust-worthy.

Ural-Polimer-Lak, LLC, has been manufacturing waterproofing and roofing materials (Abrin) as well as conducting a set of works on installation and roof repair for 25 years already. Such operation experience allows presenting our company as a reliable partner and the superior quality product&service supplier. 

Addressing Ural-Polimer-Lak, LLC, you get not only high-quality materials and works, performed in duly time in compliance with the set construction norms and standards, but also a reliable partner ready to develop mutually profitable business relations, which is the most important thing.

Description of Abrin material application

The roof coatings from the Abrin mastic, produced by our company, represent elastic coatings of the new generation on the basis of special purpose rubber (chlorosulphonated polyethylene) and various modifications of chloropolyethylenes. Due to its polymer basis and original formulations, the coatings have its unique longevity.

The coating from the mastic “Abrin” is efficient at the temperature from -60°С to +100°С (at the temperature higher than 130°С - for a short period of time), endures the action of virtually all aggressive chemical substances (рН=1-12). The coatings are highly resistant to atmospheric factors action.

The mastic “Abrin” is also applied for repairing roofs made of traditional roll bituminous and polymer materials, waterproofing and protection from corrosion of construction structures at newly built and operated erections. Polymer&bitumen coatings for roofs and waterproofing from the mastic “Abrin” are biologically resistant, have increased weather resistance, chemical resistance and relate to the group of low-combustible materials which do not propagate the flame over surfaces.

Coatings made of our mastics are efficient in operation as they don’t require repair except for the cases of operation rules violation (mechanical damaging).

Description of Abrin material application

The coating on the roof surface is formed after the application of liquid mastic (by a brush, roller, etc.). Further, for 0.5 - 1 hour the applied polymer material dries up, self-cures and transforms into a hard, polymeric, seamless monolithic material.

Advantages of the Abrin materials at roofing works:

  • number of days necessary for the overhaul of the roof with the area of 1,000 m2 is equal to 7-10 days (no disassembly of old roof covering is required);
  • warranty for works conducted - 5 years;
  • roof life - up to 30 years;
  • conducted works scope — from 4 to 8 layers of coating armoured with 1 m layer of glass fabric;
  • it is possible to apply the coating manually (with a brush or roller) or with the help of paint equipment (air or airless spraying);
  • roofing does not require open fire;
  • the works can be conducted in the temperature range from -30°С to +40°С;
  • light repair of roof mechanical damage (it is necessary to apply mastic of enamel “Abrin” onto a damaged section; they will vulcanize with old coating);
  • various colours of finish coating can be used;
  • no protection from UV-emission is necessary for roofing;
  • сoating on the basis of chlorosulphonated polyethylene can be applied onto the surfaces with any configuration and slope;
  • ready coating on the basis of chlorosulphonated polyethylene represents a monolithic seamless cover adhesively bonded to the support.

Ural-Polimer-Lak, LLC, conducts repair roofing works (metal and rolled roof) over the territory of the Russian Federation. 


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